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Gundog Breed. Eager, Bold And Loyal. "Welcome The Sporting Gun Dog"

Gundog Breed. A brief history of the Gun dog

Ever since their domestication, dogs have helped humans hunt, something that they continue to do today. Gundogs, which are also known as bird dogs, are canines that have been bred to assist in the hunt through a variety of different ways.

What might surprise you is the fact that gundogs can often be excellent family pets as well invaluable companions in the field.

The term gundog refers to a wide variety of breeds that all help human hunters take down their prey; typically, gundogs fall into one of two different categories. The first type of gundogs are called pointers or setters. Irish Setters and English Setters are two dog breeds included in this category.

Essentially, the setter will range ahead of the hunter and when the gundog detects game, it will crouch and point out the game to the hunter. The hunter will then flush the game himself. The second type of gundog is called a flushing dog and these dogs stay closer to their masters.

They never go further than the gun's range and when they find game, they will flush it up into the air. When the target has been shot, the dog is given a signal to retrieve the fallen prey. Golden retrievers and cocker spaniels are two dog breeds that fall into this category.

The history of gundogs goes back nearly to the time that they were domesticated.

It seems that it did not take very long before dog breeds started to develop based on what use they were. Terriers, for example, were bred to fight and kill animals that lived in small holes and tight tunnels, while hounds were meant to chase and corner larger game.

Gundogs started being developed when men started using ranged weapons, but with the advent of the gun as a hunting weapon, they were quickly refined and specialize for this type of hunt.

Gun dogs are bred for their energy, their endurance, and their discipline.

Gundogs, despite their ability for an active, long-spanning working life, often make excellent family pets. Retrievers are known to be an extremely trustworthy breed around children, as are Irish Setters. Cocker spaniels and fox terriers are excellent for families with older children, as these breeds are somewhat excitable and incline to nip when started.

As with any dog, make sure that your children are comfortable with and know how to handle them. While gundogs in general do make good companions, remember that you should always look at the dog breeds involved and see which breed will suit your living situation the best.

If you decide to get a gundog as a family pet, remember that these are typically very active breeds. While they don't require an excessive amount of exercise, you should definitely be ready to make a commitment to their health and energy.

Many gundogs are also intensely social and will suffer more from social neglect than they will from lack of exercise. These breeds are known to be destructive and difficult to handle if bored, so make sure that you are ready for the commitment that these breeds represent.

If you keep these factors in mind, you will be able to ensure that you have an excellent companion in a gundog!

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